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How We'll Work With You

We'll start with an assignment sheet that documents the mission and scope of the article, ensuring that all stakeholders are in agreement and will be satisfied with the result. We'll provide you with whatever level of visibility into the process you desire, from copying you on all communications to working independently until we deliver the finished piece. All copy will be reviewed and approved by appropriate sources/stakeholders prior to submission. We'll even interface with editors so you don't have to.

Chez Hardy currently works with corporate clients on two bases:

· Per-project basis: Assignments are taken on per project. The piecework nature of the agreement means that it is subject to scheduling constraints and availability, although we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

· Retainer basis: For a modest annual retainer, you are guaranteed time in our schedule and given priority over piecework jobs and all but pre-existing retainer clients. The fees for the actual work on each project are charged in addition to this retainer. We will negotiate a regular schedule of deliverables, depending on your needs. Any piecework projects you require outside of the scheduled deliverables will be given priority over existing piecework projects.

We are happy to explore a more conventional monthly retainer arrangement at client request.