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Read some of the articles that Chez Hardy has produced:

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Read some of the more than two dozen articles Chez Hardy has produced for the Motion Control Association's website:

Observer Control Improves Motion
By combining mathematical models with encoder data, observer control decreases settling time and decreases error by a factor of 30. (February 2008)

Smart Drives Take Control
A new generation of drives with embedded digital signal processors reduces cost, simplifies maintenance, and even performs control operations. (January 2008)

Motors Get Smart
Integrated motors combine drivers and controllers and sometimes even encoders with the motor itself to provide self-contained, swappable units.
(November 2007)

Ethernet Pulls Motion Together
Ethernet shows great promise for motion control, provided the underlying transport layer is maintained. (October 2007)

Cleanrooms: Sweating the Small Stuff
Using cleanroom grease, vacuum, careful cable design, and appropriate coatings, system designers can achieve motion control in cleanroom conditions. (October 2007)

The Bliss of BiSS
Open-source protocol for absolute encoders offers networking benefits (October 2007)


Read Kristin's technical columns for SPIE Professional Magazine:

Riding the Range
Whether applied in a camera or during post processing, high dynamic range imaging delivers images that are truer to life. ( January 2007)

Thin is In
Crystalline silicon, once the undisputed leader of the photovoltaic market, is now facing competition from new thin-film technologies.(October 2006)

Putting Bright Ideas to Work
Solid-state lighting faces challenges, opportunities in industrial applications.
(July 2006)

Terahertz's Penetrating Appeal
Imaging at terahertz frequencies offers non-ionizing penetration and spectroscopic capabilities that make it appealing for security, medical, and industrial applications. (April 2006)

Silicon Poises for Disruption
Silicon technology has potential in disparate markets such as interconnects, biomed, and optical sensors. (January 2006)

Photonics in the Fast Lane

Transmission at 40 Gb/s faces challenges of polarization-mode dispersion, legacy fiber, and electronics operation at the edge of the technology envelope. OE Magazine, January 2001.

Special Report: 193 nm lithography

As the insertion date for 193-nm lithography looms nearer, we review recent progress and obstacles that remain. (July 1997)

Semiconductor manufacturers look to short wavelengths
A feverish development is underway to bring 193-nm lithography online by 1999, but the challenges are daunting.

Materials challenge 193-nm optics
193-nm stepper developers face issues of high absorption, optical compaction, and new materials.

Mask makers battle substrate defects
At-wavelength inspection proves one of the biggest 193-nm hurdles for the photomask industry.


Read Kristin's management columns for Advanced Imaging Magazine:

Choosing an Interface
The digital interface choice depends on application variables such as speed, distance and resolution. (July/Aug 2006)

Rules of the Game
From hazardous materials to technology transfer, government regulations around the globe challenge manufacturers. (June 2006)

Vive le ROI
Increased throughput and reduced downtime, scrap, and warranty costs are just some of the tangible vision system benefits that contribute to ROI. (April 2006)

Getting Specific
Understanding the applications and soliciting ustomer/supplier feedback are key to specifying an optimal system. (March 2006)

Crossing Over to Success
Moving into new application markets requires careful planning, a technology edge, and sales channels. (February 2006)

Skirting the Pitfalls of Project Management
Know the requirements, schedule conservatively,
and always ask why. (January 2006)


Electro-optics defense market surges
The modern military requires electro-optical systems for soldiers, ground vehicles, and airborne units. OE Magazine, April 2004.

Masking Costs
Programming general-purpose chips, sharing photomask real estate, or even dispensing with masks altogether are options for cost control in low-volume chips. OE Magazine, February 2004.

Business Spotlight

"Fiber Foodchain Falters" (at bottom), "JDS Uniphase gives up Zurich for SDL deal," "Focus on Photonics," "Market Trends." OE Magazine, April 2001.

Building Bandwidth
With the need for faster, bigger, and cheaper bandwidth, companies are rushing to convert their wavelength-division multiplexing technology to meet demand. OE Magazine, January 2001.