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Chez Hardy, LLC serves a client base of technical publications, trade associations, web portals, and corporate clients. Past and current clients include

Advanced Imaging Magazine
The Gale Group
IBM Mainframe Magazine
The Linux Executive Report
MSP Communications
The Motion Control Association
New Scientist
OE Magazine
Scientific American

Our corporate roster remains confidential but includes clients in the areas of motion control, automation, and scientific instrumentation.

Kristin Lewotsky, managing partner of Chez Hardy, has over 14 years of experience in technology writing, 11 of it as editor for various print and online trade vehicles. She has a B.S. in physics and an MSEE in optical engineering. Prior to entering publishing, she worked as an engineer. She understands technology and can talk easily with engineers because she was one of them. She speaks their language and knows the right questions to ask.

To find out more, read clips. For a complete resume, please contact us.